How to create an effective customer feedback survey

22nd May 2019

If you want your company’s future direction to be well-informed, it makes sense for you to put together a customer feedback survey. A survey of this type can collect a range of useful information – including your customers’ genuine thoughts as well as where you can enhance your offering.

Furthermore, firms conducting such surveys are 33% likelier to call themselves successful than companies which don’t, CustomerThink reports. However, you still need to tread carefully to prevent your target respondents abandoning the survey and leaving you without the feedback you sought.

Decide what you will do with the survey resultsCSAT surveys

Why do you want to make this survey in the first place? Maybe you fear that your customer loyalty rate is flagging, or you are interested in knowing how customers perceive a specific offering, like your website or app. Whatever your goals here, outline them from the start.

That done, you are better positioned to determine the right survey questions for collecting the information you need.

Brand the survey for respondents’ comfort

How do you intend to deliver the survey? Aurally, over the phone? Digitally through an email or webpage? An online survey would open up aesthetic branding opportunities for you.

Since you have already established a relationship with the customers you will be surveying, you should bring familiar branding elements – including the logo and brand colours – of your company to this survey. That way, you can more easily put the survey’s recipients at ease about your intentions.

Succinctly but accurately introduce the survey

You should come up with a title and synopsis for your survey before you even start deciding on the questions. A succinct approach is in order here, as consumers tend to have short attention spans, an Entrepreneur article warns. Therefore, you need to describe the survey’s purpose quickly.

Through doing that, you can reassure the customer that you will be not only giving them a voice but also taking account of their thoughts as a way of enhancing the customer experience.

Make sure your survey is short and gets straight to the point

Many customers don’t necessarily find surveys particularly enjoyable to complete. Hence, if your survey would take half an hour to complete, respondents may choose to abandon that survey, whether while partway through it or, if you notify them of its duration in advance, immediately.

You would be striking a good balance by including five to ten questions in that survey. Leave out questions you don’t really need; questions asking for personal details might fall into this bracket.

Wrap up with the survey with open-ended questions

While you can allow respondents to use rating scales or simply answer “yes” or “no” in response to questions, you can include open-ended questions, too – ideally right at the survey’s end to spark the most revelatory insight.

Questions of this type can work well over the phone – and, when it comes to customers based overseas, our provision of cheap international calls can help to keep the surveying cost-effective for you.