How to Earn Money with 0845 Numbers

17th June 2011

In the UK, 0845 numbers are non-geographical telephone numbers (NGNs) typically used by businesses. These 0845 numbers are cost-effective and have a wide range of benefits for companies that do business within the UK whether or not the company itself is located there. Some 0845 numbers even allow for what’s called a premium or special rate. Businesses can use this premium rate to break even on the cost of the line or even to generate profit.

At one point, the telephone companies always charged 0845 numbers as local calls, as in BT’s “Lo-Call.” That changed in 2004, and now, customers cannot simply assume that the call is a local charge. The good news is that many of the UK phone companies include 0845s with their home plans. As a business, you can reasonably assume that a call to your standard 0845 line will either be free or cost your client less a few pence per minute.

Nevertheless, the business also has the option of increasing that amount. This is where the notion of the special or premium rate comes in. If you were to set the premium rate to ten pence per minute, then the service provider would charge that amount, take the few pence owed to them, and then pass the difference onto you. Of course, you can see how a few pence per minute can add up quite quickly over time if the line is achieving a high enough volume of traffic.

Organisations use 0845 numbers with special rates for a number of reasons. Non-profits use the rate to cover costs, and often have a system in place where they charge only enough to do that. Some businesses use it to cover the cost of extending support to clients no longer covered by a warranty or service plan. Finally, some companies use special rates to charge for phone-based services, such as entertainment and technical support.