How to get a virtual phone number

25th April 2019

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, many businesses want to keep up to date with the latest equipment so they can make sure they are being as efficient as possible. That’s why many are giving up their traditional ISDN phone lines and adopting virtual phone numbers instead. It’s not so much that traditional phone lines are not relevant anymore, it’s that with virtual phone numbers you can get many more added features.

What are virtual phone numbers?how to get a virtual phone number

Virtual phone numbers are an important element within a cloud telephony system. They are available for most countries in the world, so anyone can call a local country number when contacting your business.  You can have as many of our virtual phone numbers as you choose and have them all routed to the destination you choose. You can even have virtual numbers from other countries and have them all routed to one number.

Where are they used?

One of the great things about virtual numbers is that have a variety of uses. So you don’t have to own a company in order to find them useful.

Business – Virtual landline numbers are frequently used for customer service in call centres. Our virtual phone numbers can make you appear to have a global network even if you only have a single operating base in the UK.

Individuals – Travellers often use a virtual phone number that’s connected to a VOIP service, allowing friends and family to easily keep in contact for the price of a local call – wherever they are in the world.

Marketing – Some companies even use different virtual phone numbers for different marketing strategies so they are able to keep track of the traffic generated from various sources.


Control panel –  You are able to have your own online control panel login so you can change the destination number yourselves, view call statistics and create bespoke routing plans.

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy – All you need is a virtual phone number and you will be able to start receiving calls on your mobile. Much cheaper than a conventional phone line.

If you are out of the office or relocating, you can redirect your incoming calls to a new number instantly.

Extra features – Another great thing about a virtual phone is all the extra features you get with the number such as call recording, call forwarding and call queuing.

Easy set up – As the virtual phone numbers are cloud based, you can set up the number easily and without requiring an engineer visit.

How do you get a virtual phone number?

Getting a virtual phone number is so simple. You can choose a number, fill out our online form for a free trial and get your virtual phone number order placed in minutes.

Just visit the Planet Numbers website and choose the virtual phone number for the town or city that you would like. Once you have selected the number, just complete our form with your company’s details, direct debit details and where you would like the number routed to. That’s it!

Added features

Here at Planet Numbers, our virtual phone numbers come with many extra features, so you can get the best out of your number and make a great experience for your customers.

IVR – Your callers will hear a menu with a list of redirection options such as press 1 for accounts, press 2 for sales, so they can get through the correct department straightaway.

Time of day routing – You can set up your number so calls are automatically redirected to a different destination number at specific times for example every evening and/or at weekends.

Percentage routing – At busy times you can set up the redirection by percentages so for example you can have 60% of calls to go to one line, 30% to another and remaining 10% to another.

We also offer many more call handling features such as call tracking, mid call transfer, call queuing, call recording, post call surveys and more.

If you are interesting in finding out more about our virtual phone numbers, please call us today, free on 08000 886 866 or alternatively you can see all the virtual numbers we offer here.