How to Make Cheap Calls to Mauritius

20th April 2012

When you consider that the average calling cost from the UK to Mauritius is around £1.28 per minute on some of the major landline providers and can be even higher on the mobile networks, the cost of calling abroad quickly adds up. Whether the calls are for personal reasons or business a simple 15 minute call could end up costing you nearly £20.

However, there is another way and it utilises a UK based access number to connect you to the company or person you wish to speak to in Mauritius. Instead of costing £1.28p per minute the call will cost a mere 10p per minute, so a 15 minute phone call will only set you back £1.50, which is a saving of almost £18 compared to companies like BT.

How this system works

In order to reap the benefits of these huge saving you only need to know one thing and that is the access number for the country you wish to call. The Planet Numbers website details these numbers for destinations across the globe, as well as international dialling codes, in case you forget them. Simply enter the site and search for the country you wish to call; you will see a 0843/0872 or 0913 number displayed – for Mauritius click here.

Although, we in the UK, associate these numbers with high calling costs, this is not the case when using this service, where call costs start from as little as 1p per minute. The price stated on the website is the price you pay, regardless of the time of day or how long the call lasts.

To use the service, first dial the access number and then wait for a secondary dial tone, then enter the number you wish to call. The reason why it is possible to provide such cheap international calls is because all the calls are routed via an internet network, which means the traditional phone system is bypassed, resulting in a huge saving. Also, because you call a UK based number it enables you to call abroad, even if international calling is barred on the phone or landline you are using.

How do I get billed?

Like everything else about the service this is another easy to answer question, the cost of the call is added onto your current provider’s bill, be it BT or Orange. You can even use this service via a phone box, which makes it accessible for everyone. Please note that your service provider will charge a set-up or connection fee for the call and the price of this will vary, depending on the provider.

There is no need to register with Planet Numbers; there is no sign up process or fee to pay either. All you need to do is locate the access number of the country you want to call and away you go, you have access to low cost international calls without the hassle and drama some other companies may impose on you.

When using a landline, you will be billed 10p per minute for calls to Mauritius. If you call from a mobile on the T mobile, 3 or Orange networks, you will be charged 8p per minute and from all other mobile networks the cost is 12p per minute.