How to make your business’s phone system fit for 2019

21st January 2019

Communication is key to any reputable business, so it is important that your phone system of 2019 fits the trend. In order to do so, you must take time to fully understand the needs of your business and clearly outline your goals. By doing this, you will be able to choose the correct phone system for the needs of your business.

A business phone system that can be deemed efficient will centralise good communication between yourself and your customers. In a world where the majority of business communication is online and centralised through emails, the telephone offers a fast interaction and one that is more personal than email.

Solutions such as SIP Trunks are able to quickly and reliably connect your staff and customers efficiently and in a cost-effective manner and one that is able to expand in coherence with your business. In addition to this, it can support more users and newer capability as we delve further into the year. This means you can stay ahead of the game, providing a more advantageous customer experience than your competitors.

 The low down on SIP Trunks

BT is about to ditch its Public Telephone Network (PSTN) and ISDN networks in favour of a new, inter-based IP system and you should make sure you are ready for the change.  As SIP Trunking is a technology capable of connecting the premises of your business directly to the PSTN via IP, it is a form of telephony that is taking off in the business world and will be rolled out in firms across the country this year.

Whilst it is recommended you move to the cloud, you should retain your private branch exchange (PBX) as this allows you to connect internal phones to external lines and allows internal calls within individual offices. However, SIP Trunking is a valuable alternative that will provide your business with the benefit of internet calls whilst retaining your PBX system.

The benefits of SIP Trunking

By using a SIP Trunking system in 2019, your business can have as many phone numbers as you see fit and you can then arrange such numbers in a way you see necessary. This will allow you to tailor your company’s contact book to its structure and can change this quickly and easily as your business grows and changes. As well as this, you can also integrate the mobile handsets of your employees into the same phone system which can is a tactic that can prove most beneficial.

SIP systems are all about providing you with the exact system your business needs meaning you can select brand-new phone numbers or use your existing numbers. Telephony in the business world has never been easier and 2019 should certainly be the year you take advantage of this if you haven’t already.

And because everything is online nowadays, you can manage everything from an online dashboard meaning you can switch on some of the system’s automated call handling services from call queuing to voicemail to recording. All of this takes just seconds!