How to motivate your employees

17th July 2009

Is it possible to motivate your employees without providing any monetary incentives? Yes, of course it is. Here are a few tips to help you motivate your employees without having to spend much money.

Motivation Being an employer can be a herculean task at all times. There maybe so many things that an employer needs to take care of like the finances of the company, the company’s well being along with ensuring that the company is productive and is meeting or exceeding expectations. Sometimes it is difficult to meet the requirements and it is not easy to find out what important factor may be missing. A lot if the workload is reduced if one aspect is taken care of right from the beginning. Yes, you guessed it right – motivation is the keyword.

Once you keep your employees motivated enough to come and do their best at work, you will see the performance of a company as a whole going up automatically. You will see that once you implement these rules, the employees will have the desire to come to work and to do well.

  • When you see that your employees are performing well, you need to recognise it and appreciate it in front of everyone. This helps the employee feel good about the efforts he had put in for his performance and will encourage him to perform better for further recognition. The others will look at this and also want to be recognised which means that they will also put in more efforts so that they too can be recognised.
  • It is always good to spend some time on your employee so that you can coach them. When you spend time trying to learn about their difficulties or plus points and when you share feedback with your employees, it is very encouraging for them. They know that you are spending time to help them get better at their work.
  • Constant training on different aspects is always good for your employees. Training can never be enough for anyone. On the brighter side constant training will give your employee a better understanding of his work and will improve his performance.
  • As an employer it is important for you to sit with your employees and discuss their career path with them. You must do this on a regular basis so that they know where they are heading and they know whether they are on the path that suits them or not.
  • Giving your employees job titles makes them want to earn a higher one. It is very motivational and can be very helpful.Come up with creative ideas like this or if you can’t come up with them ask your employees what they would like.
  • Pick out the ones who perform well and distribute leadership roles to them for a while. Give this opportunity to everyone who performs. This proves two things, one is that there is no favoritism and the second is that everyone will know that the company thinks that they are responsible people and this will motivate them to work better.