How to Promote Your Company’s Virtual Phone Number

20th April 2016

Whether your company is large or small, having a virtual phone number can help you in picking up all of the vital calls even when you are out of the office. However, it can be too easy to overlook the various marketing benefits of this arrangement, too. Here are some tips for how you can effectively advertise your company’s virtual phone number.

Keep it memorable

Keeping that number straightforward or, at least, easy for your target customers to remember can obviously encourage more calls and, therefore, more business. But how can you make it memorable? One idea is choosing a number with an area code matching the specific geographical location that you want to market to.

Target customers in this location will already be very familiar with this area code, and this will help them to remember your overall number. Thankfully, at Planet Numbers, we can supply you with a virtual number carrying the 01 or 02 area code of any town in the UK.

Promote the number across a wide range of materials

Typically, one worry about widely promoting just one phone number for your business is that, should you ever choose to relocate your business, such as to a different office or even town, your company’s main phone number would have to change. Therefore, you would have to spend a lot of time making and supplying replacement marketing materials showing the new number, while many potential customers could mistakenly call the old one.

None of this has to be an issue, however, when a virtual number is used right from the beginning. That’s because, when your location changes and your actual corporate number with it, you can keep the same virtual number and have it direct calls to the new actual number instead of the old one. Therefore, you can have less hesitation in marketing your virtual number across your website, leaflets, posters… in fact, anywhere where you want to make it known. You’re unlikely to change that number any time soon.

Advertise the great accessibility which that phone number allows

One major incentive of turning to us for a virtual phone number is that the phone connected to that number can continue to be put to all of the usual business purposes. Other our services could even expand that phone’s functionality; you could, for example, frequently make inexpensive calls to India from your landline or mobile. This has obvious appeal for companies whose operations extend to that South Asian country.

Another big reason to get your company’s virtual phone number from us is that, wherever you are, provided you have access to a UK landline or mobile, prospective customers can still easily reach you by that virtual number. Need to leave the office? Redirect calls to your mobile. Have to work from home? Then calls can be transferred to your home number. This amazing flexibility means that you could advertise lengthier hours during which customer calls can be taken on the number – the virtual number – that you feature on your website.