How Does a Virtual UK Number Work?

16th May 2022

How Does a Virtual UK Number Work?

Despite telecommunication apps like WhatsApp being used more and more in recent years, it might surprise you that they still probably are not the wisest choice for your business. Being free is an attractive incentive, but they come with risks, including connectivity issues, security risks, and availability.

But if you can find a reliable prepaid service, all your problems are solved. While not free of cost, if your provider is reliable and transparent, the money is worth it. You can save yourself from many difficulties for just a small cost, and if you choose Planet Numbers, you can rest easy.

With no monthly charges or hidden costs, permanent credit, and a solid reputation from their twenty years of industry experience in the UK, they are the best choice if you want to connect with international clients without incurring excessive costs.

And one service that the company provides is Virtual UK numbers. If you do not know what a virtual number is, they are phone numbers that work on Cloud over the internet and provide you with local numbers for any geographic location in the world, making connecting with international clients a breeze.

If you are a UK-based business owner looking for a cheap, trustworthy company to access virtual numbers, Planet Numbers is your best choice.

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What are 01 and 02 Numbers in the UK?

If you are new, you need a clear understanding of the UK’s 01 and 02 numbers. To put it simply, they are commonly known as Standard Dialling Codes (STD) or ‘area codes’ and refer to geographic locations within the UK. All landline numbers start with a 01 or a 02.

When you receive a call from a 01 number, you can tell which area the landline is based before any divert. 02 numbers are particularly popular among business owners in many fields, including taxi services, construction companies, or recruitment firms, since they cover a larger network and likely have several international clients.

These numbers usually have either ten or eleven digits and are useful for businesses as they greatly reduce the time for redirecting calls. This element creates a more efficient environment and helps increase sales as you can provide a cleaner, clearer service to clients without much fuss.

01 and 02 virtual numbers mean that even if your team is spread across different cities and using several different electronic devices, there will be no trouble coordinating with each other. A virtual number takes out several issues you might face with standard ones.

How can I set up a virtual phone number?

Generally, there are several service providers where you can buy your virtual phone number. To set it up, all you have to do is open an account with your chosen company, inform them of the code you wish to possess, and it is all done. Usually, you can change your location as often as you wish.

Planet Numbers makes setting up your virtual number easy and affordable, and in just a few easy steps, you can get your first one today. To get a number, all you have to do is visit their site and enter the STD code of your choice. They will provide a list of available virtual numbers for the area you entered.

You can then contact a team member, and they will get you set up. Now, you can easily connect with all your clients with just one phone number, for a very reasonable price. Having a set number for your business is that providing a hassle-free service creates a feeling of trust and reliability with your clients.

Having a virtual number has been known to increase sales for businesses because contact from any location is no longer a bother. And with Planet Numbers, you can change your destination as much as you need, even if it is for a vacation stay to stay connected.

Why choose Planet Numbers as your provider for virtual UK numbers

While not the cheapest provider, Planet Numbers prides itself on reliable service. Once you sign up for a number, the total price is only £12.50 a month with 500 incoming minutes or 250 minutes for mobiles. The setup is free, and there are no hidden costs incurred. You can get your virtual phone number the day you apply for it by following simple steps.

Sure, several service providers are out there, but what makes Planet Numbers the best choice is their extensive experience and transparent and honest business. You can find a clear list of every expense on their site, and you will not be charged any extra. With no connection fee, the per-minute rates after the allowance are just 2.5p/min for landlines and 5p/min for mobiles.

The cost to the caller is nothing more than the standard rates for the area. While this particular service does have a minimum contract time of 12 months, it offers enough benefits to be worth the money. No matter how often you need to change offices, you will not have to change your number.

You will also be creating room in your budget by not spending any money on extra equipment or lines, so you should consider one if you are on a budget. We hope we displayed the benefits of a virtual number. Choosing Planet Numbers will make you one less problem to worry about while running your business.