If PN Were a Political Candidate, We’d Surely Win With These 176 Price Drops!

11th September 2015

In recent weeks we’ve seen the race for the Labour leadership hot up as all four of the charismatic individuals have worked hard to convince the electorate they’re the person for the job in order to win those all important precious votes.

As this has been going on, we’ve been working even harder* to bring you amazingly low rates on all your international calls. The end (or new beginnings, however you look at it) might be nigh for the Labour candidates but the same can’t be said for Planet Numbers because we plan to continue our supply of super low calls around the world for a very long time yet!

Now while you’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out who will become the new Labour leader, you can take advantage of our super-low rates straight away, today, right now – what are you waiting for?

We’re pretty happy with our efforts this month – we’ve managed to bring down the price of 11 Access numbers affecting a total of 176, yes you read that right, 176 international destinations!

The Access numbers we’ve secured a discount on are:

0913 304 7777 down from 13.3p to just… 13p per minute!
0913 150 7777 down from 15.3p to just… 15p per minute!
0913 152 7777 down from 20.4p to just… 20p per minute!
0913 153 7777 down from 25.5p to just… 25p per minute!
0913 154 7777 down from 30.6p to just… 30p per minute!
0913 155 7777 down from 35.7p to just… 35p per minute!
0913 156 7777 down from 40.8p to just… 40p per minute!
0913 157 7777 down from 46p to just… 45p per minute!
0913 158 7777 down from 50.2p to just… 50p per minute!
0913 159 7777 down from 60.3p to just… 60p per minute!
0913 160 7777 down from 76p to just… 75p per minute!

What’s great about Planet Numbers is you don’t need to remember any annoying PIN numbers, worry about monthly charges or troublesome credit checks! Simply create an account, call the Access number and then dial in the number you’d like to reach, then talk for as long as you like on crisp and reliable phone lines.

Whether you need to call your product supplier in China or your Aunt Sarah who emigrated to Spain, you can rely on Planet Numbers to connect you easily and most importantly, cheaply.

Now we’re sure you’re probably clued up on the new system implemented by Ofcom recently, but just in case you’re not, here’s how it all works…

Calls to NGN’s (Non Geographical Numbers) are made up of two parts; Access Charge and Service Charge. The super low rate we charge you (as seen above) is the Service Charge part of the call which we’re always striving to bring down whilst the Access Charge is what your network provider charges to connect you.

Remember, if you’re a business we can offer you low rates on more than just international calls! We offer great deals on NGN’s, Call Handling, Conference Call Services and VoIP Phone Systems. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you.


*We can’t substantiate this, but we’ve certainly excelled ourselves this month!