Inbound Call Recording

24th November 2011

Here at Planet Number’s if you have an 0844, 0845 or an 0800 number with us then we can offer you a service called ‘Inbound Call Recording.’

Everyday an increasing amount of businesses need to record all their incoming calls from clients and customers in order to help with any upset customers and to help improve their employees’ customer service performance. Your recordings are conveniently sent to an email address as an mp3 file so you can download and save your calls to keep on record. The email address which the recordings are sent to can be changed as often as you like.

How it work’s?

  • Your customers and clients dial your 0844, 0845 or 0800 number.
  • When their call connects they are played a short message explaining that their call may be recorded for training purposes.
  • You answer the call and help your customer as best as possible.
  • Once you have hung up the recording of your call with the time and date is automatically and instantly sent to your email address.

Using an online control panel to change the address of where your recordings are sent comes in handy if your out the office but still want to keep a record of the received calls on your laptop.

There is a default message which your customers are normally played, “Please hold while we connect your call. Please be advised that calls may be recorded for training purposes.” But you can record your own personal message and change them as often as your like, for free.

Does this service interest you?

If this service takes your fancy and you wish to obtain this service either on an existing number or your looking to purchase a number to have this service on, why not chat to one of our friendly sales assistants?

You can call them on: 08450 777 777.