International Toll Free Numbers

18th July 2016

Breaking down international barriers and selling in a foreign market is an exciting time for any business, but why penalise your overseas customers with crippling international call rates each time they need to give you a call?

Super easy, super cheap

Here at Planet Numbers we want to help make international business simpler, cheaper and easier. That’s why we offer International Toll Free Numbers for all UK based businesses – enabling your customers to call you from anywhere in the world without it costing them a single euro, krona or yen!

Sometimes an email just won’t cut it, and providing your overseas customers with an International Toll Free Number can help attract new clients or repeat custom, despite you not having an office or any staff physically located within their country.

Here’s how it works…

1. Choose the country from a list of over 100 that you’d like to provide an International Toll Free Number from (i.e South Africa, USA, Germany.).
2. Tell us where you’d like the incoming calls directed to (a mobile or landline number)
3. That’s it!

You’re free to update where your calls are directed to at any time of day or night for absolutely FREE and we won’t even charge you extra to have them directed to a mobile number, so you can continue answering incoming calls whilst you’re out of the office on business or on the beach sipping a cocktail!

Here to help

For more information on our great deals on International Toll Free Numbers, please click here or give us a call on 08000 886 886 and talk to a member of our