iPhone4- Great at everything.. Except being a phone

25th June 2010

Written by Alex Deutsch

The new iPhone 4 was released yesterday, met by hoards of excited Apple enthusiasts. Queues snaked around street corners, with people desperate to be the first to hold one.

All of the features of the new phone look very impressive. The new high resolution Retina display, the HD recording video camera and FaceTime, the new video calling feature. This is by far the most exciting iPhone to date, revolutionising mobile phones.

There seems to be one problem though. The phone can’t actually take or make calls.

A design flaw in the new iPhone means that there are serious issues for reception, especially for left handed users. The way the user holds the phone means that their hand blocks the antenna, causing a lack of signal. Steve Job’s has responded to these initial complaints, asking the users to ‘hold the phone differently.’ The alternative is purchasing a special rubber case that protects the antenna. The pessimistics amongst us may suggest this design flaw is simply another of Apple’s lucrative marketing schemes.

Have you got the new iPhone? What are your initial thoughts?