iPhone introduces payment app.

18th May 2010

Ask any iPhone owner and they’ll tell you they pretty much use their iPhone for everything. From checking train times, to ordering food there’s pretty much an iPhone application for everything.

The latest iPhone application to be developed is ‘Transaction,’ developed by DeviceFidelity and Visa and offers a brand new way of paying via credit or debit card… Without your credit or debit card!

The App, which is expected to hit the market very soon, allows users to pay for items or groceries by simply scanning the bar-code using the built in camera. This will allocate the payment to your allocated Credit or Debit card and will appear on your next statement.

Paying for things using your phone was inevitable but the iPhone has been the first one to give us an insight into how it’ll all work. At the moment, it’s still in it’s early stages, requiring a case around the iPhone to facilitate it but with the new iPhone 4G expected to have support for a Micro SD card, the whole process will be seamless.