03 numbers from Planet Numbers

13th July 2008

NEW! 03 numbers from Planet Numbers–FREE for your customers to call, CHEAPER for you to receive–a win-win business opportunity

  • cheaper incoming sales calls than from an 0800
  • pay just ZEROp a minute for incoming calls
  • your customers pay the same as if they were calling an 01 or 02 number
  • 0333 calls are included in home and mobile monthly minute bundles

Dear Subscriber,

0333s from Planet Numbers offer you a great opportunity to generate new business via incoming sales calls. Not only are they cheaper for you to receive than our 0800s – at ZEROp a minute compared to 3p – they’re also bundled in with your customers’ inclusive monthly calls tariffs on home phones and mobiles.

This means that, even when your customers call you from their mobiles (and let’s face it, mobiles are taking over all our calling lives!), their calls to you are effectively free to make … just as if they were calling a regular 01 or 02 code.

So your customers are happy to phone you because the call’s free just like an 0800 number. And you’re happy too, because you pay less for the sales lead than you would with an 0800.

So your customers are quids in, and so are you — a perfect win-win situation!

Turn your 03 number into a ‘virtual office’

You can also add ‘virtual office‘ services to your Planet Numbers 03 number to offer your customers an even better service…

Virtual Receptionist gives callers a list of options to key eg to be put through to a a specific department, Divert Plan automatically redirects their calls to a secondary number if the main destination is busy or is not answered, and Time/Day Plan diverts incoming calls to a different number at specific times eg in the evening and at weekends.

Other virtual office services include Zone Plan (to manage incoming calls by their town of origin), Call Queuing and Voicemail to Email.

Divert 03 calls to your mobile

From as little as 5p a minute, we can redirect calls to your 0333 number directly to your mobile phone.

Which means, even when you’re out and about, your important customers’ and clients’ calls will still reach you.

Choose from thousands of 0333 numbers

Our 03 numbers range from super-memorable combinations like 0333 200 4567 to more basic ones like 0333 200 4559. Visit our website to check out a selection of the 03 numbers currently available, by clicking the link below.

If you’d prefer a number that isn’t listed, just call us on 08450 777 777 to discuss your particular requirements.

For more info about 03 numbers or any of the other Planet Numbers services, just go to our website at click here.