NEW 0845 Numbers

13th June 2006

Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter. It’s designed to keep you bang up to date with the latest services that Planet Numbers can offer you.

Check our our great NEW 0845 319 numbers

  • Limited availability!
  • First come first served!
  • Free AirMiles with every order

We’re delighted to announce a brand new range of very special 0845 319 numbers. As you know, the more striking and memorable the number, the more customer calls you’ll get. These 0845 319 numbers are sure to be hugely popular so check them out right now as numbers are strictly limited and, sadly, it has to be first come, first served.

The best value 0845 numbers in the UK

Don’t forget that Planet Numbers 0845 numbers are the most competitively priced in the UK. We simply charge a one-off connection fee plus a service charge from as little as £10 a month, and that’s it. You pay NO incoming call charges or any other extra charges whatsoever with Planet Numbers 0845 numbers. Remember, other providers will charge you for every single call you receive. Take BT: they charge you over 4p a minute for every 0845 call you receive. If you received only 10 five minute calls a day, over a year that’s over £700 per year in call charges. Compared with £0 for Planet Numbers!

Your customers pay a maximum of just 2p a minute.

When they call a Planet Numbers 0845 319 number, your customers pay just 3p per minute during daytimes (from 6am to 6pm), and 1p per minute at all other times. If their call is routed to your mobile or to your overseas number, you will be charged the appropriate tariff to receive the call, but the cost to your customer remains fixed at 1p or 2p.

Why 0845 not 0870?

According to Ofcom, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of, and frustrated with, the extra cost of calling 0870 numbers. As you know, when a customer calls your 0870 number they pay up to 8.5p a minute, compared with only 2p for 0845 during the day. And at other times they pay only a penny per minute.

No extra lines to rent or equipment to buy

Rest assured that when you buy a Planet Numbers 0845 319 number, there is absolutely no requirement for extra phone lines or any equipment whatsoever. We simply divert the incoming calls to the number of your choice. Your phone will continue to receive calls on its original number as usual as well as the incoming 0845 calls, and can be used to make outgoing calls as normal.

Get up to 500 FREE AirMiles with every 0845 number you order

Order one of these new 0845 numbers and we’l give you free AirMiles as an extra thank-you for choosing one of our brand new 0845 319 numbers. Click here to see which number will be best for your business.

There’s more information about the new 0845 numbers on our website, along with full details of the free AirMiles offer and all our other services, some of which are listed below. To find out more, just click on the service name.

Thanks in advance for your continued interest in Planet Numbers.

Kind regards

The Planet Numbers Team