The Benefits of Fax to Email

13th June 2007

Get incoming faxes delivered to your email inbox

Dear Subscriber,

No more paper, no more waiting, no more lost faxes

  • get your incoming faxes as emails on your pc or mac
  • your incoming fax calls are totally cost-free to you
  • no paper to buy
  • cheap call cost for your customers
  • store incoming faxes like any other computer file
  • connect multiple fax numbers to your email address
  • your customers will never get an engaged fax line

Once you’re tried our fax to email service you’ll never want to bother with your fax machine for receiving faxes ever again. When your customer sends you a fax, instead of it crunching slowly out of your fax machine it zips straight into your pc’s email in-box. The fax appears as a pdf (or a .Tif if you prefer) attachment on the email. Just click on it and view it without leaving your seat.

The benefits for you are instant:

  • Confidential faxes remain confidential…and you don’t have to hang about by the fax machine!
  • Faxes are delivered directly to your personal email, where the only person who ever needs to see them is you
  • No more lost faxes, paper jams or empty paper trays
  • Easy Distribution of Fax Messages…just forward the email to your colleagues or customers like any other email message
  • Pick up your faxes from anywhere in the world where you can pick up your emails
  • You can receive up to 30 faxes simultaneously!

The benefits for your customer are just as impressive:

They never, ever get an engaged signal when they fax you (and we all know how annoying an engaged fax can be when you’re in a hurry!)
Their fax call is much much cheaper…your customers and clients pay only 3p a minute at peak times and 1p per minute at all other times…from absolutely anywhere in the UK.

And don’t forget the environment:

  • No paper to print out and throw away
  • No wasting inks and cartridges…you can just print the faxes you really need to have a hard copy of
  • No electricity is used printing off long faxes

Incoming 0845 fax calls are completely free

With a BT 0845 number you pay for every incoming call. Not with Planet Numbers. Every fax call you receive is absolutely free of charge.

We don’t charge an additional cost for our fax to email service – you just pay our usual price for the 0845 number of your choice and that’s it. You can click here to find the numbers currently available.

Change the destination email address as often as you want, free!

For maximum flexibility you can change the email address that receives the faxes as often as you like, for free. Great if you’re moving to a new office or are simply out of the building for a while. Your customer just faxes your 0845 fax number and is none the wiser! Changes are normally made within 24 hours.

What’s more, you can have as many numbers as you require connected to just one email address – so in your promotional material you could, for example, create multiple virtual local offices, each with a different 0845 number.

Planet Numbers’ 0845 Fax to Email service really brings faxing into the computer age. Once tried there’s no turning back! Find out more about Fax to Email.

Thanks in advance for your continued interest in Planet Numbers.

Kind regards,

The Planet Numbers Team