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13th June 2008

New! Multi-number Tracker Packages

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Track your incoming sales calls more accurately and get a better return on your advertising spend.
As the economy slows down and competition for your customers’ cash becomes fiercer, it’s arguably never been more important to ensure that you’re getting maximum ‘bang for your buck’ from your advertising.

That’s why we’ve put together these new multi-number Tracker Packages – so you can use our online call analysis tools to track precisely where your incoming sales calls are coming from, and thereby find the media that work best in your marketplace.

So, for example, you could run a different 0800 number in five different newspaper advertisements…choose an 0845 for PR activity…and perhaps an 03 number for your direct mailshots. All you have to do is check your online portal and the facts are there in black in white. You can see, at a glance, which ads, which publications, which day of the week and which size ads are most cost-effective for your business.

As anyone in Direct Marketing will tell you, this kind of response data is gold dust at your fingertips and can have a giant impact on the responsiveness of your advertising AND on the amount of money you spend on media.

Buy a Tracker Package from Planet Numbers and this data is there on your desktop at the touch of a button.

A package to suit every size of business

There are five multi-Line Call Tracker Packages to choose from:

  • Tracker 5: get 5 x 0845, 0800 or 03 numbers – or a mixture of all three for just £35 a month
  • Tracker 10: £40 a month – get 10 x 0845, 0800 or 03 numbers – or a mixture of all three for just £50 a month
  • Tracker 25: get 25 x 0845, 0800 or 03 numbers – or a mixture of all three for just £75 a month
  • Tracker 50: get 50 numbers, including two specified numbers up to Gold level, for just £100 a month

Free ‘virtual office’ services with every Tracker Package

Each Tracker Package comes with a range of extremely useful virtual office services to make managing your incoming sales calls as simple, flexible and cost-effective as possible…and to give your customers an even better, friendlier calling experience.

Virtual Receptionist gives them a list of options to key eg to be put through to a a specific department, Divert Plan automatically redirects their calls to a secondary number if the main destination is busy or is not answered, and Time/Day Plan diverts incoming calls to a different number at specific times eg in the evening and at weekends. Call Queuing tells them they’re held in a queue and plays them some music of your choice.

All these services can be managed from your online portal at the touch of a button.

Choose Call Recording for even more sophisticated analysis

With Call Recording, your customer is told that the call may be recorded. Naturally, recordings of your incoming calls can give you invaluable insights for training, security and marketing purposes. When you buy a multi-line Tracker Package, Call Recording is charged at a discounted rate of 1p per minute.

Call to find out more

Planet Numbers’ new multi-line Tracker Packages are a fantastic way to manage and analyse your incoming sales calls.

To reserve a Tracker Package or to find out more, call us on: 08450 777 777 or Click Here now.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Planet Numbers team