Keep on Track with Planet Numbers

21st April 2016

Advertising is an essential tool for any business, but with increasing costs and the ever increasing need to economise, how can you accurately monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns?

Stay on track

When it comes to spending money on advertising, you’ll naturally want to get the best possible return from your investment, that’s why tracking your incoming calls is essential for any business that wants to grow and excel.

With Call Tracking from Planet Numbers you can monitor in real time where each call is coming from in your own online portal. So, if you run 5 different 0800 numbers in 5 different advertising campaigns your online portal will display exactly how many calls each number has received.

“How could Call Tracking benefit my business?”

By running different sized adverts, in different publications, with different content and on different days of the week, you’ll quickly build a picture of how effective each marketing campaign is, meaning your advertising conversion rate is consistently increasing with each campaign.

Surely all these numbers will create chaos?

With Planet Numbers, every Call Tracking package includes a host of handy features including Call Queuing, Call Whisper and Time of Day Routing. This means every time you receive an incoming call, the caller can be placed in a queue and played music of your choosing before their call is answered, your phone operatives will be told which number has been dialled so they know which product or advert it is in response to before answering the call, PLUS all incoming calls can be automatically routed to a different landline, mobile number or voicemail, so you’ll never miss another call!

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