Keeping The Customer Happy With 0800 Numbers

26th June 2012

A few companies are debating the merits of abandoning freephone numbers and making use of local numbers. While there may be an increase in adoption of chat and email for contacting companies, 0800 numbers are still vital to a companies ability to serve it’s customers.

In order to use chat, you must be at a computer with Internet access. While this is certainly feasible for most of the younger generation, there are still a significant number of consumers who have not embraced all that computers have to offer. They may have a computer, but they may not be comfortable using it to chat with a company in order to get help with a product or evaluate the various offerings a company has on hand.

If a customer is willing to wait for a day or two for a response, then they will certainly use email. Many times, however, customers either need or want a fast response and person to person conversation is the best way to fulfil that requirement. If they are not in the same area as the company, making that customer dial a long distance number may not be the best way to treat that customer.

If a company moves their offices, they will lose their local number. 0800 numbers can be routed anywhere. There is no need to change this number no matter how many times a company moves. Being able to reroute the calls to 0800 numbers also means that companies can respond easily to increased phone traffic or a blackout by simply routing calls a different location.

0800 numbers have been the preferred method of voice communication between companies and customers for years. There is no reason to believe that will change any time soon. Customers are comfortable with 0800 numbers and still expect to have them as an option. For companies, their versatility is invaluable.