Low Cost of 0845 Numbers

12th May 2012

Since 2004, 0845 numbers in the UK have been a powerful and cost-efficient way for businesses, both small and large, to make themselves accessible to customers, potential clients, vendors and other associates. How much those 0845 numbers costs, both to the owners and the callers, depends on a number of factors. Let’s examine those factors.

1. Cost to the Caller

With 0845 numbers, there are two potential costs to the caller. One of those costs is the fee that their provider charges them, which is something the business cannot control. The good news is that most home plans in the UK now include free access to 0845 numbers. The other cost, the one the business can control, is the fee associated directly with the number. Most 0845s are local, and business can even make them toll-free, if they’re willing to pay for it.

2. Set-up Fee

Set-up or configuration fees are a one-time cost that the owner of the 0845 numbers pays to the provider. The business generally pays this fee at the time they sign the contract. Usually, these fees are less than £10, and in most cases, provides will waive these fees.

3. Monthly Rate

The monthly rate is the amount that the business pays each month to support the line, and it is the bulk of the total cost of ownership. Businesses can reduce this amount, but it usually comes at the cost of increased rates for the caller.

4. Vanity Fee

Vanity 0845s are numbers that the caller can call easily based on a memorable letter combination. Usually, there is a one-time fee for being able to choose your own number. In unfavorable scenarios, the provider will require an additional monthly charge.

5. Optional Features

Businesses may add optional features to their 0845 numbers, such as recording capabilities, virtual receptionist, virtual call manager, diversion plans and so forth. Each of these features has a slight charge that the provider adds to the monthly rate.