Buy an 0844 number for only £49 and get a second one half price!

13th March 2007

If you were thinking that now’s the time to switch from your 0870 number to an 0844, you’d be right!

Call us to reserve your new 0844 numbers from just £49, and we’ll give you a second 0844 number for half the usual price. With no ongoing rental or service charges to think about (unlike 0870 numbers, for example). Just the one off connection fee and you’re up and running.

And with the increasing likelihood of 0871 numbers coming under the control of Icstis – the premium number regulators – in the very near future, and all the red-tape that entails, switching to an 0844 makes a good deal of sense.

Choose a half-price 0844 for your fax

Lots of our subscribers use a second 0844 number for their fax line, for example. So their customers can get the cheap call benefits when they phone and when they fax.

What’s more, it looks good to have a pair of matching, easy-to-remember numbers on your stationery or advertising. You could pick something like 0844 801 1058 for your incoming phone calls and 0844 801 1059 for your fax. These are the numbers that leap off the page or screen, straight into your customer’s memory. They’re simple to remember and show your customer that you’re serious about wanting their call or fax.

Phone now, offer ends March 31st

But you’ll have to be quick: we can only offer this special half-price second number deal until the end of March. So call us now on 0845 0777 777 to choose your two numbers.

Your customers pay a maximum of just 5p a minute any time, any day, to call your 0844 numbers, which is even cheaper than calling an 0870 or 0871 number.

No incoming call chargesRemember that you pay NO incoming call charges or any other extra charges whatsoever with Planet Numbers 0844 numbers. When your customer phones or faxes your 0844 number his call is automatically (and instantly) redirected to whichever phone number you have given us. You can change this “destination” number as often as you want, for free. 

So even if you move office or you simply want the calls redirected to another phone for a short period, your 0844 number stays the same.

Call us now to reserve your new 0844 numbers on: 0845 0777 777.

The Planet Numbers Team