Marketing Your Company Overseas? Here’s Why You Need a Free International Number

22nd June 2020

In this day and age, it makes sense for businesses to try and reach as many different customers and clients as possible. That goes for the international approach, too. Why should you ever pen yourself into your local audiences when there are so many people all over the world who could benefit from what you offer, too? It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to market yourself internationally, and the steps you could take to reach out to people from other markets.

That’s not always going to be easy to do. You’re going to need to think about international availability for the resources you sell, and whether or not there is likely to be a culture clash along the way. This means that it makes sense to be as savvy as possible about your international demographics as possible. However, you know what else is likely to appeal to people from overseas? Toll-free numbers.

Why Choose International Toll-Free Numbers?business phone system

The fact is customers and clients who are likely to get in touch with you will relish the chance to call for free. The age of premium rate lines might not be completely behind us yet, however, there is more worth than ever before in reaching out to your callers with great deals.

It’s likely that many people based abroad will have little access to free calling in other territories. Those British ex-pats looking to call back to the UK, for example, may find that they are unable to call businesses and services in their home country without having to shell out for extortionate rates.

Therefore, it makes sense to reach out to people with a free line that they can call whenever they choose. Rather than expecting your customers to pay through the nose just to enter a call queue, it makes sense to allow them to get in touch with you without spending a penny. This means that they can be confident you have their best interests – such as their budgets – at heart. It’s a fantastic confidence booster.

Breaking Down Barriers

Setting up toll-free international phone numbers effectively helps to break down a lot of overseas calling barriers. For example, you might find that people operating businesses overseas would normally be hesitant to call other companies directly in other time zones. Sadly, pricing on international calls really can escalate depending on the provider. We are not yet at the point where international calling is free everywhere by default, which means services such as ours need to help facilitate matters.

By calling a toll free international number, your overseas prospects and clients can reach out to you through unique call signs. All you need to do is set up virtual numbers which offer them to chance to connect to you without cost. At Planet Numbers, we offer virtual numbers and international toll free lines which international callers can connect to at any time for no fee.

You’ll be able to route calls through these numbers to your own in the UK, meaning that you can choose a mobile or a landline as you see fit. There are slight differences between using virtual numbers and ITFs, in the sense that a virtual number will route through to a local city near you. With an ITF, you can ensure that all calls reach your chosen number directly.

What Are the Further Benefits?

Ultimately, ITFs will help you to open up the possibility of more people calling and connecting with you than ever before. This of course means that you can increase the revenue you build on and can start increasing your client base. While you may have a solid client base at home in the UK, if you’re going through a period of growth, it makes sense to try and cast as wide a net as you possibly can.

Setting up ITFs is cost-effective on both sides of the arrangement. For example, not only will your callers be able to connect to you for free, you will only have to pay a relatively small amount in the bargain, too. You will only ever pay per minute for calls you receive, alongside a monthly rate and setup charge which are very competitively priced.

We aim to try and make international calling as affordable as possible. By setting yourself up to overseas callers, you are extending and expanding your reach and enterprise tenfold – even more so! We offer ITFs for you to reach out to over 120 different countries at present, which means that it is very likely we will be able to help you reach the right people in the right corner of the globe.

Don’t Hold Back

All good businesses need to grow – which is why it’s important to give your overseas client as much support and assistance as possible. While many customers may not mind paying for calls to the companies they need to reach, international calling has long been an expensive standard for many people.

One of the best ways to promote yourself on the global stage is to show the world that you are thinking of them – by making things cheap, accessible, and easy to arrange. While you may already have a solid base of customers in the UK – and you may already have a brilliant range of products and services ready to go – it surely makes sense to create fantastic first impressions abroad, too.

Rather than expect your international customers and clients to pay out for the calls they make to you, why not encourage them by ranking down the amount they pay when they dial your number? It’s just common sense.

Therefore, make sure to reach out to Planet Numbers for a leading ITF or international phone number today – and start encouraging new customers today, and ramp up the revenue for your own growth needs. Nice and simple!

Planet Numbers is here to help drive down the costs of business calling across the board. Check out our other packages and services, too!

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