Maximizing Your 0845 Numbers

8th May 2012

0845 numbers are a powerful tool, but like any tool, the true difference lies in how you use it. Let us explore the basic steps to maximizing the effectiveness of your 0845 numbers:

1. 0845 numbers give the power to the business.

Once a business purchases an 0845 number, it’s theirs, and they can’t lose those rights unless they relinquish them. So make every decision regarding the 0845 with that truth in mind. Remember, if a provider treats the company unfairly, the business can always transfer that number to a provider that will treat them well.

2. Choose the provider carefully.

However, it’s best to avoid that hassle altogether by choosing the provider with care the first time. Many different companies provide 0845 numbers and related services, and one size doesn’t always fit all. Thoroughly assess the needs of the business, and then choose the provider that best fits those requirements.

3. Choose memorable 0845 numbers.

The real power of an 0845 number lies in your ability to market it. Paying the upfront vanity fee is worthwhile if you can own a number that will really stick with your client. A number such as 0845-BESTBUY is certainly much more memorable than a number like 0845-2378289 is.

4. Test the interface.

Most providers of 0845 numbers provide their clients with Web-based interfaces that they can access from computers and even smartphones. Before you sign the contract, take a hard look at this UI. Make sure that it is powerful and user-friendly. You’ll be using it for some time to come.

5. Know what the callers will pay.

Often, if you’re getting a rate on your 0845 that’s too good to be true, it’s because the caller is shouldering the load. That may be all right in certain scenarios, such as pay-per-call business models. However, if your client has to pay just to talk to customer service, then you’ll hurt your business in the long-term.