0870s – the good news and the bad news

13th May 2009

0870 numbers: Ofcom finally makes its mind up

  • Callers to pay same as for 03 numbers
  • No more revenue sharing
  • Changes take effect 1st August

Dear Subscriber,

Well, they’ve dithered and faffed about for years, but they’ve finally made their minds up!

The new Ofcom 0870 legislation has arrived at last and it’s much as we expected. Their aim apparently is to restore public confidence in 0870 numbers by making them the same price to call as regular geographic numbers (ie numbers beginning 01 or 02).

The good news

This means that your customers will pay the same to call 0870 numbers as they would to call 01 and 02 numbers. And, perhaps more importantly, 0870 numbers will now be included in calling packages – for landlines and mobiles– which, for many people makes them effectively free to call.

And that, of course, means good news for your phone response rate.

The bad news (sort of…)

Because revenue sharing has been outlawed by the new legislation, unfortunately from 1st August we’ll have to charge you for your incoming 0870 calls.

But hopefully you’ll be getting more calls – and therefore increased revenue – as a result of the cheaper call rate for your customers!

What’s more, we’ll only be charging you 3.5p a minute – exactly the same as we charge for 03 calls and still cheaper than 0800 calls.

In fact because 0870 numbers will be included in your customers’ bundles like Planet Numbers 03 numbers, there’ll be very little to distinguish the two types of number in practice.

Your options

So what are we recommending as your next course of action? Here are three options…

  1. No change! Keep your 0870 as it is – accept the incoming call charges and perhaps look forward to more business rolling in.
  2. Switch to an 0845? You could do, but we’d advise caution at this stage; now they’ve made their ruling on 0870 numbers, Ofcom have got 0845 numbers in their sights. You don’t pay for incoming calls currently but who knows what Ofcom will do next? An announcement is due later this year or early 2010.
  3. Switch to a Planet Numbers 0844. This would certainly be a good option. Here’s why…

You pay no incoming call charges at all and, on our Bronze, Silver and Gold numbers, you simply pay a one-off connection fee and that’s it. Plus your customers pay a maximum of just 5p a minute to call you, from anywhere in the country.

Plus extra discount for extra traffic

To make the transition even more attractive, if your 0844 number carries more than 2500 minutes a month we’ll pay you 1p for every minute!

Click here right now, to find out which 0844 numbers are available.

And, don’t forget, you can always run your old 0870 in parallel with your new 0844 until the changes take effect, to let your customers get used to the new number.

You could even add an automated announcement to warn them about the change. Call us to find out more about these, on the number below.

Need some more advice?

If you’d like to chat through your various options a bit more, just give us all on the usual number: 08450 777 777. And we’ll be delighted to help you come to the decision that’s best for your business.

Kind regards

The Planet Numbers Team