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5th May 2012

We are now just 1 month into the new financial year, and already here at Planet Numbers we have lowered our international call prices to many popular destinations!

Across the board many of our (already competitive!) prices are even cheaper than before. This, coupled with our updated system and NEW access numbers, allows us to offer the best service we have ever had.

Why would you still use BT?

We offer a high quality call service for substantially less money than BT charge, so there’s no logical reason that we can think of, as to why you would carry on using them. You could save over 90% off of your international calls; starting right now!

Just how much cheaper are we?

Here are a few examples:

Argentina: 1p a minute (BT charge 97p)
Australia: 1p a minute (BT charge 28.8p)
Canada: 1p a minute (BT charge 19.4p)
Germany: 1p a minute (BT charge 22p)
India: 1p a minute (BT charge 29.9p)
USA: 1p a minute (BT charge 18.3p)
View the full range of destinations over at our Cheap International Calls Page.

Who can use our service?

Whether you’re using a landline phone or a mobile phone, our cheap international calls service is available to you, as you’re calling from the UK.

No matter how you wish to use our service, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to save; perhaps there are friends and relatives abroad you want to make contact with.

Maybe you’re a business owner with points of contact abroad and you want to reduce your monthly calling costs. Planet Numbers is your gateway into the world of cheaper International calling.

So how does your service work? Where do I sign up?

One of the best things is that you are not required to sign up to use the Planet Numbers International Calling system.

Its very simple, you call the access numbers from your landline and the call costs you accrue are added to your normal monthly bill.

For mobile users you can call internationally using the short code numbers or by using planet numbers’ calling credit top-up system.

For over 10 years, Planet Numbers have been offering low price international calls, but we believe now is a better time than any to start saving money on your next phone bill. Please take a look and see how much money you can save by clicking here.

Planet Numbers, how far will a penny take you?