The best mobile phone provider and no regrets

20th April 2009

Mobile phone service providers have had their moment in the sun. There are so many of them that they’re crawling out of the wood work. It’s dog-eat-dog on the battlefield of communications. Ask no quarter and give none. The day of reckoning is here for service providers!

And who benefits? Why, you and me – the users who’ve been trampled on for far too long. That brings up another problem. Which is the best mobile phone provider for me and who’s going to give me a deal I won’t regret?

Let’s start at the beginning

There are two basic types of schemes in the UK – Pay as you Go and Contract. In many other countries these are known as Pre-paid and Post-paid. Pay as you go is usually for low end users, students and such who like to keep tabs on their usage and expenditure. Pay as you go is for a specific period of validity. The way it works is you pay the service provider a particular amount up front. This allows you a certain amount of talk time to make calls and to receive them. You must utilise this talk time within a stipulated period allowed by the service provider. When you utilise your talk time then you can no longer use your mobile phone to make calls till you recharge. However incoming calls will still be connected within your period of validity.

The advantage in a Pay as you Go scheme is that there is nothing binding, and you can switch your service provider whenever you wish.

On the other hand, a contract scheme is an agreement which encompasses very specific terms and conditions to which you and the service provider mutually agree. This would cover your period of contract, credit limit, call rate, discount or any other free services the service provider may offer. The contract scheme is more suited to high-end users who require to make numerous and extensive calls. In several countries, a contract agreement is accepted as proof of residence.

With the ruthless competition in the market place of mobile service providers, freebies have become fair bait to lure customers. First is the offer of a free handset included in the contract. Then come the other goodies like Bluetooth hands free, CDs, mobile covers, T-shirts, earphones, free sms and many months of free service. It doesn’t end there; there is no limit to the ingenuity of mobile service providers to entice new clients. And of course at the end of the contract, the handset is yours to keep.

So decide which scheme suits you best then check out the freebies and handsets on offer. You’ll zero in on a service provider and shed no tears later.

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