Never Miss a Thing with Call Recording

20th May 2016

We’ve all experienced that frustrating moment when we’re struggling to find a pen that works or you end a call only to completely forget that single piece of important information – but what if there was a handy, comprehensive and cost effective solution?

Call recording from Planet Numbers is a super simple yet highly effective means of recording each and every call and sending them directly to your email inbox as individual mp3 audio files, along with the caller’s number and the time and date of the call.

100% professional

Each time a customer calls your business they will automatically be played a clear and concise message before being passed to one of your telephone operators. As part of our call recording package, a professional default message will be played stating “Please hold while we connect your call. Please be advised that calls may be recorded for monitoring or training purposes.”, however, we also give you the option to record your own message and change it as many times as you wish, all for FREE!

Outbound calls? No problem!

As part of the outstanding Planet Numbers service you’ll also receive a special access number and PIN code so you can record each outgoing call, too! Each call will be automatically sent to your email inbox as an mp3 audio file, just the same as incoming calls.

Stay in control

Our online portal allows you to instantly change the email address your audio files are sent to, update your welcome message plus much, much more, all at the click of a button! What’s more, you can use all your new audio material to monitor staff performance, train new staff on how to deal with tricky situations and review disputes quickly and easily.

For more information on Call Recording from Planet Numbers and how it could help support your business, click here.