New 0345 Numbers Available

19th October 2010

Due to popular demand, we’ve been out and about finding you the most memorable 0345 numbers available to top up our already attractive selection.

As you all already know, 0345 numbers are becoming increasingly popular and quickly becoming the nations favourite alternative to 0845 numbers.

But why are they becoming so popular? Why is there always such a constant demand for them?

Firstly, the fact that they are free to call, from either mobiles or landlines, makes them very attractive to callers. If you have inclusive minutes on your mobile, you can call 0345 numbers at no additional charge and from a business point of view, makes your customers more inclined to contact you.

As the 0345 number range is still relatively new, we have some extremely memorable telephone numbers available for sale. Check out:

***03450 600 600***

***03450 600 700***

***0345 222 1111***

To check out numbers to suit your business, just check our 0345 numbers.