New 116 Numbers For Pan-Europe Charity Helplines.

3rd November 2009

Recently, we have been made aware that Ofcom released a brand new range of telephone numbers, aimed at very worthy causes.

As of next year, people trying to get in contact with ‘social value services’ will be able to do so by entering only six digits into their telephone. This is something that we are very supportive of as we appreciate the value of memorable telephone numbers and support these causes greatly.

The numbers issued will initially benefit these three services, with the capability of expanding to other charities and non-profit organisations:

• Missing People will use 116 000 for a missing children helpline.
• NSPCC will use 116 111 for it’s ChildLine service.
• The Samaritans will use 116 123 for it’s emotional support helpline.

As you would expect, the calls to these numbers remain free to dial, including calls from mobiles and payphones.

This is a great improvement from the 0800 numbers previously offered. Although they were free to call from landlines, calls from mobiles would incur a charge – which pretty much defeated the object of having a free-to-call telephone number.

All calls to these numbers are absolutely confidential so having free calls from mobiles enables the caller to do so in complete privacy, instead of having to make calls from a set place – i.e. Payphones or Landlines.

One of the best benefits of introducing these numbers is the availability of calling from anywhere in Europe. Once the 116 numbers has been dialled, the call is automatically transferred to the nearest adviser in the area. This ensures that people who need help, will never go without.