New! Another brilliant way to save on your overseas calls

27th April 2015

More and more Planet Numbers customers are getting seriously excited about the massive savings they can make on their international phone calls using our International Call Saver service – whether they’re calling overseas landlines or mobiles.

And now we’re delighted to expand our International Call Saver service to include our new online, pre-paid ‘phone card’ packages that you can use from ANY UK phone: landline, mobile – even a good old phone box or landline that normally bars international calls.

Here’s how it works. Go to our online shop here and buy a ‘card’ for £2, £5, £10 or £25. (There’s no card, as such, it’s just a name that’s stuck for this kind of prepaid service!) We’ll instantly send you a personal PIN that you use every time you want to make a super-cheap international call.

To make a call, you dial the Planet Numbers access number, enter your PIN, then dial your normal international number. And when you’ve used up your credit, just buy some more online. Your ‘card’ expires after 60 days.

If you’re already a regular user of the International Call Saver service, you won’t need me to remind you just how jaw-dropping the savings can be; whether you’re using your landline or your mobile.

And our new service is yet another way to access these mega-savings. Here are some of this month’s price reductions. You can see all our latest price cuts on the main site here.

Brazil…down to 1p a minute

Bulgaria…down to 1p a minute

Chile mobiles…down to 1p a minute

China mobiles…down to 1p a minute

Denmark mobiles…also down to 1p a minute

French Guiana mobiles…down to 5p a minute

Germany mobiles…down to 2p a minute

Italy landlines…down to 1p a minute

Latvia mobiles…down to 1.5p a minute

Mexico…down to 1p a minute

Pakistan mobiles…down to 6p a minute

There’s an extra 5p per call connection fee added each time you use the service. So if you call Italy, for example, and talk for five minutes, you’ll pay just 10p in total! A tiny fraction of what you’d pay with BT, for example. And our super-cheap charges apply all day, every day without exception.

Like to try this new service? Click here for the full lowdown: New Phone Cards from Planet Numbers.


Robin James
Managing Director, Planet Numbers