New BT app to revolutionise calling the UK from abroad

15th January 2013

British Telecom have launched their brand new smartphone app on the Android and iOS platforms, which is set to greatly reduce the costs of both calling on a mobile when abroad, and making calls to 0845, 0800 and 0870 numbers in the UK.

The BT SmartTalk app links a customer’s landline package to their smartphone, synchronising the contact lists and allowing the smartphone to make calls based on the BT home calling tariff – including free evening and weekend calls.  What’s more, up to 5 smartphones can link to one home calling plan using the app.

It works by routing the calls around the Internet, bypassing the regular phone lines.  BT recommend that the user is in a free WI-FI coverage area when using the app in order to maximise the quality whilst keeping costs low.

As for calling the UK on your mobile when abroad using the app – so long as you’ve got inclusive minutes to phone landlines, calls would be free, provided that call would usually be free in the UK at that time of day.  If the call would have cost on your home phone it would cost the same price when using the app on your smartphone.

Mobile networks are set to suffer as a result of this new product, heaping further pressure onto their prices as they already struggle to compete with other internet-based communications providers such as Skype and Viber for calls and WhatsApp for text services.

Virgin Media meanwhile are set to launch their own version of the app later this year for their own customers.


Robin James

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