Plans To Make 0800s Free To Call From A Mobile

16th March 2011

85% of the adult population in the UK own a mobile phone. There are more than 40 million people living in Britain and there is said to be over 60 million mobiles phones. That means that the average person owns 1.8 phones at this moment in time. We are a nation of mobile phone junkies.

With that taken into account, it’s not surprising that people are doing all they can to keep the cost of their mobile phone bill down. With some mobile phone providers offering huge amounts of inclusive minutes, people try to keep within those minutes as often as possible. Many users have scrapped their landlines, choosing to have a mobile as a main number.

It’s a well known fact that calls to 08** and 09** are more expensive when called from a mobile. In fact, many callers put off calling those numbers at all – either opting to call a business with a local area number or finding an alternative company. It’s imperative that mobile phone providers make it clear to their customers exactly how much it costs to call a non-geographic telephone number, to avoid this misconception.

Despite being free to call from a landline, calls to an 0800 from a mobile are actually charged. The cost of this call is set by your service provider and can be as much as 20p/minute. The alternative to an 0800 number, which many businesses are opting for, is the 03** number which will be included in any inclusive minutes the caller may have. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in businesses offering an 03 number to customers, simply for this reason.

There are big plans to change the cost of calling an 0800 number from a mobile with the regulators insisting they should be free to call from a mobile too. If the plans go ahead, calls from a mobile to an 0800 number will be included in the callers free minutes.

Do you agree with the proposed plans? How much does your service provider charge for you to call an 0800 number? I’d love to hear your thoughts.