New Updates for Google Android Watches!

21st April 2015

Apple Watch is coming but Google is reminding people that they do smart watches too.

android_wear_watchThe company announced on Monday the upgrade to its Android Wear operating system for their smart watches. Some features are competing against the Apple Watch such as change of watch faces, Wi-Fi Support and doodles for messaging.

With the built in Wi-Fi support the Android watch will gain independence from it’s other half, the mobile phone. It will also allow a doodle-to-emoji system where you can draw an image and it will bring on the emoji equivalent, so get scribbling!

Other features will include the ability to pull up a list of installed apps with a swipe and flicking your wrist to go through notifications and news without scrolling with your other hand.

The update will be available in the coming weeks on all Android Wear models, launching first on the new LG watch Urbane this Friday.