US boy’s message in a bottle found in Azores

8th December 2011

I think it’s fair to say, messages in bottles have never been the most reliable means of communication. Even if you placed your carefully crafted note into a bottle and into a lake, the likelihood of it reaching your desired destination is very slim. With the possibility of the current whisking it off in a different route or a seagull picking it up to use as a nest, your note will probably never be seen again.

I tried it once, to declare my love for Katy Perry. Poised with a bottle, a note with my telephone number, asking her to marry me, I carefully placed the bottle into the sea and instructed it to travel to California. I forgot to put the lid on. It sank, along with my dreams of Katy Perry ever becoming my wife.

However, an 11 year old boy, based in New York, dispelled all theories of messages in bottles being rubbish when his message was found just off the coast of Azores. Curtis Kipple wrote a letter about himself and his hometown in New York state, and put it in a bottle which was dropped into the Atlantic in March. To his surprise, the message was found last week by Ana Ponte, 25, from the fishing village of Terceira, on the Azores archipelago.

The bottle, which set sail 10 months ago, had travelled over 2,600 miles before washing up on the shore in Azores. Ms Ponte, responded to the note, via email – a slightly more secure means of communication. The email read: “My brother and my father wake up earlier today and went to sea to catch a seafood very common here, and found a bottle with a message from a boy Curtis Kipple,”

I can’t help but think that 10 months is an awful long to to wait for a response. Had little Curtis used Planet Numbers’ cheap international call service to Azores, he would have been connected in an instant, and for only 2p/minute. Cheap, quick and a lot less damp.