Planet Numbers Introduces Upgraded International Calls

10th April 2012

As of today Planet Numbers now uses an upgraded International Calls Service; This milestone has seen a major step forward into providing an improved service to all of our customers using our International Calls Service. Now, you may be asking what exactly does this do to me the customer? Well this upgraded service offers better quality calls, more reliability and an overall improved system. The best part of this is that across the board prices have gone down, that’s right down, you really cant go to wrong there.

The one thing we ask you to do is to check the website to ensure you are using the latest numbers to take advantage of the new service. This is easily done by clicking the Cheap International Calls link on the navigation bar and scrolling to the bottom of the page to choose the destination of your choice so you can find the numbers you need for Landline and Mobile Phone calls. You will then most likely find you are now paying even less than you used to on an even better service.

As this is such a big change we have delivered we would love for you to get in touch and let us know what you think, all feedback is welcomed.

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