NGN Number Porting

20th December 2013

There are several useful applications for number porting when it comes to your business. Non-geographic numbers, or NGNs, can easily be ported to your provider of choice. The consolidation of phone numbers is often a preferred option for business owners, since this process makes it easy to manage multiple phone numbers at once. When you port your NGN to Planet Numbers, you make your business more efficient.

The rates offered by Planet Numbers are the most competitive around, which helps to ensure that you can take this major step for your company without breaking the bank. Forget about hiring an expensive number porting service. All you have to do is talk to Planet Numbers.

Low rates on number porting are certainly intriguing, but there are even more reasons to go with Planet Numbers when you wish to enhance the inbound call handling of your business.

Easy to set up

There are several different numbers that Planet Numbers can port for your business. Most of the major telephone number providers in the UK can be ported to your business phone number by Planet Numbers. This makes the process of number porting with Planet Numbers easy and quick.

The paperwork needed to make the number porting happen is very straightforward when you deal with Planet Numbers. For most businesses, only three weeks are needed to get the ball rolling on porting your NGN numbers. No one wants to spend months filling out forms, so this efficient approach is refreshing.

As if the ease of set up wasn’t enough, there are even more reasons to go with Planet Numbers for number porting services.

Many services to take advantage of

One of the main reasons to port all of your NGN numbers with Planet Numbers is that once you do, all of the numbers are subject to the many useful services offered by the company.

For example, Virtual Receptionist & IVR makes your business look more professional, since it allows callers to choose the route of their call. For example, if there are different people in your company handling sales and service, it is always best to give your customer the option of choosing one. In this way, you can avoid wasting the customer’s time on the phone, as well as the employee’s.

Another popular service offered to businesses is Geographic Area Routing. This is a helpful feature for any business with multiple locations, since it automatically reroutes customer calls to the location nearest the caller. Therefore, the caller is always speaking to representatives at the branch nearest to them. When you have your NGN numbers ported to Planet Numbers, you can easily take advantage of this service, as well as many others.

For all of the reasons outlined about, Planet Numbers is the company to go with when you want to take part in number porting. This can be a huge step forward for your business, so take a further look into the plans offered by Planet Numbers now.