Newsflash: 0870 Deadline Delayed

13th November 2007

Dear Subscriber,

Good news about the 0870 switchover

We’ve been telling you all about the forthcoming Ofcom changes to 0870 numbers which mean you’re going to have to start paying for your incoming calls. And we’ve been recommending you switch to a Planet Numbers 0845 instead, as these are still completely free for you to receive calls on and cheaper for your customers to call, too.

But now there’s some good news!

Ofcom are expected to formally delay the changes to 0870 which were due to come into effect next February in order to complete a safety review in relation to pre-call announcements.

Which means you’ve got a little more time to ditch your 0870 numbers and switch to 0845 numbers instead.

The bad news is that the changes will still take place at some point early next year. But as soon as we have the new date, rest assured we’ll let you know.

In the meantime, to get your company ready for the switchover you can browse our 0845 selection at a slightly more leisurely pace!

Here’s a quick reminder about the benefits of using an 0845:

Your clients pay only 2p a minute at peak times

When they call a Planet Numbers 0845 number, your clients and customers pay just 2p per minute during daytimes (from 6am to 6pm), and 0.5p per minute at all other times…from absolutely anywhere in the UK.

You pay NO incoming call charges with Planet Numbers 0845 numbers

Remember that with Planet Numbers you pay NO incoming call charges on your 0845 numbers. BT, on the other hand, will charge you over 4p a minute for every 0845 call you receive. If you received only ten 5 minute calls a day, over a year that’s over £700 per year in call charges. Compared with absolutely zero for Planet Numbers.

We’ve got a huge range of 0845 numbers available right now. You can get one from as little as £49 if you choose one of our bronze range.

Click here right now, to find out which 0845 numbers are available.

Kind regards

The Planet Numbers Team

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