25% off your connection charge if you order your 0845 number by 30th October!

13th October 2006

Dear Subscriber,

An 0845 number is a great way to make sure your customers can call you on a single lower-rate number, wherever you are in the UK…giving you a local presence on a nationwide scale.

When they call your 0845 number their calls are automatically (and instantly) redirected to whichever phone number you have given us. And you can change this “destination” number as often as you want, for free.

What’s more, our 0845 numbers are the most competitively priced in the UK. We simply charge a one-off connection fee plus a service charge from as little as £10 a month, and that’s it!

And this month you can get a 25% discount off your connection charge. click here here to find out which numbers are available..

You pay NO incoming call charges with Planet Numbers 0845 numbers

You pay NO incoming call charges or any other extra charges whatsoever with Planet Numbers 0845 numbers. Unlike BT: they charge you over 4p a minute for every 0845 call you receive. If you received only ten 5 minute calls a day, over a year that’s over £700 per year in call charges. Compared with £0 for Planet Numbers!

And your customers pay a maximum 2p a minute

When they call a Planet Numbers 0845 number, your customers pay just 2p per minute during daytimes (from 6am to 6pm), and 0.5p per minute at all other times…from absolutely anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Why choose 0845 not 0870?

Quite simply, an 0870 number costs considerably more for your customer to call.

That’s why consumers are becoming increasingly resistant to calling 0870 numbers. Which means any company advertising for new business with an 0870 number as their main point of contact is likely to lose potential customers to any competitor using an 0845.

Free Airmiles too when you order

Remember, too, you get FREE Airmiles with every 0845 number you order! And if you order by 30th October we’ll give you 25% off your connection fee. Click here to find out which 0845 numbers are currently available.

Thanks in advance for your continued interest in Planet Numbers.

Kind regards

The Planet Numbers Team

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