Once-In-A-Lifetime numbers available!

10th August 2010

Every once in a while, we find numbers that are just too good to keep secret. I doubt we’ll ever come across numbers as good as these again.

Before I reveal these ultra memorable telephone numbers, I’ll explain the benefits of having such easy to remember number.

Firstly, these numbers are perfect if you are running television or radio adverts. I’d estimate that 98% of the time, people aren’t sitting in front of the TV or radio with a pen and paper to hand, waiting to jot down any products that are being advertised. Having a memorable number as good as the ones I’m about to tell you, shout to your customer and will stick in their heads. You’ll see what I mean when I tell you.

Memorable telephone numbers don’t just sound great, they look great too. When you stick your telephone number on the side of a bus, on a billboard or in a magazine, these number will catch your potential customer’s eye. With these numbers, there’s no need for any advertisement gimmicks, just print the number and watch your response rate rocket.

So, here are the once in a lifetime telephone numbers… Drum roll please!

0800 08 08 08

03 333 333 333

I think you see what I mean now…

I’m expecting our telephones to ring as soon as I post this, so don’t delay. Pick up the telephone to chat about these ultra memorable numbers today.

Due to the expected interest in these telephone numbers, we’ve set up two telephone numbers for you to contact us on.

0844 811 8355 and 08450 777 777 – phone quickly to register your interest!