Only Six Days Until Christmas

19th December 2011

We’re definitely feeling very Christmassy in the office this week. We’ve got the Christmas songs on full blast, tinsel around our computer screen and we’ve dressed Jordan up as a Christmas elf. While ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ serenades us, we’re working full steam to ensure that everything is working well for our busiest time of the year.

Some of us in the office have finished all of our Christmas shopping and, well, some of us haven’t even started. Whilst I struggle through the hordes of last minute Christmas shoppers, like a salmon swimming against the tides, trying to think of what Aunt Mary would really want to open on Christmas day, I start to wonder if perhaps I should have done this earlier.

‘What to get Dad’, ‘what to get Mum’, are the thoughts looping in my head. I can’t get Dad socks, I got them for him last year – and the year before that. Would mum really appreciate Michael Bublé’s Christmas album? She can only really listen to it one month out of the twelve, it seems pretty pointless. As I put the socks and the CD back on the shelves, I realise that I’m being completely and utterly stupid.

Christmas isn’t about material goods. My Dad probably would be pretty happy with socks. Mum probably wouldn’t be that pleased with a Michael Bublé CD as she doesn’t particularly like him – thinks he’s a bit overated and can’t understand the hype… I digress. It’s very cliché but at this time of year it really is the thought that counts.

The most important thing about this time of year is spending time with the people you love. Some of us will sit around the dinner table all day and eat lots of delicious food, others might go for a long walk together. Christmas is about sharing, not just gifts but time as well.

This is why we are working so hard to ensure that our service is at a premium standard over the next couple of weeks. Not all of us can be in the same country on Christmas day. At Planet Numbers, however, we deliver a service that makes sure that Christmas can be spent together, even if you’re in a different country to one another.

And we know that Christmas is an expensive time of year too, which is why we continue to offer connectivity across the globe for as little as 1p/minute – even on Christmas day. You can call Uncle Mark in the USA, Cousin Edward in Spain or Granny Margret in Germany, all for just 1p/minute.

If you’d like to use the service but you’re not quite sure how, please give us a call on 0844 332 1777 and one of our friendly customer service members will happily talk you through the simple process and help you connect with the world – cheaper.

From all of us at Planet Numbers, we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.