Orange drop the price of calling 08 numbers

26th August 2011

Good news for all you pay monthly customers on Orange as they’ve just dropped the price of dialing 0808, 0800, 0845, 0870 and even 0500 numbers.

Orange sent a text to it’s pay monthly customers informing them that they would see a price drop in dialing a rang of 08 and 05 numbers. Previously to call these numbers you would be paying a minimum call fee of around about 20p but now to call 0808, 0500 and 0800 numbers you will paying a minimum call free of just 7.4p, again if your calling 0845 and 0870 numbers the minimum call fee has been reduced to just 12.4p.

This is great news for customers who regularly use their mobile to dial NGN numbers as your phone bill should start to decrease a noticeable amount. At the present time o2 and Vodaphone are two of the main network providers along with others who are yet to drop their prices but I’m sure with the competition in the market today it won’t be to long before they follow in Oranges footsteps.