Our free telecoms audit could save your business money

29th August 2017

How can you find out if your company is paying too much for its phones and calls? Well, we have the answer for you…

Here at Planet Numbers, we’re pleased to announce our new Free Telecoms Audit service.  The chances are that your business is paying over the odds, and you can save serious money with a few easy changes.

Here’s how to get started:

For free, we will analyse your current telecoms technology, how it’s being used, and how much you’re paying for it. And if we think that you can make a substantial saving, we’ll tell you how. We will do this by taking a closer look at your:

  • Landline calls
  • International phone callsFree Telecoms Audit
  • Mobile calls
  • Internet usage
  • Phone system and switchboard technology
  • Cost of 0800 numbers, and any other NGN

Once you’ve requested an audit, one of our friendly team will ask you a number of questions about your telecoms usage and system. For example: How many people will be covered by the audit? How do they use telecoms? How many calls do they make? Is there an overseas aspect to your business? What technology is currently in place?

Having the relevant invoices to hand is important.

We will analyse the information given to us and let you know where there are potential savings to be made. We will write a short audit report for you, detailing these opportunities for you. We aim to produce this report within three working days.

What next?

You can find out more here, or of you want to get started now and take full advantage of a completely free telecoms audit, call us free on 08000 886 114 or send us an email at business.sales@planet-numbers.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Naturally, all information taken during the audit remains strictly confidential.