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virtual phone numbers

Types of Virtual Numbers

23rd October 2019

Virtual phone numbers are cheap. However, their affordability is beside the point. People are buying them these days because they are so convenient, streamlining communication, availing features like IVR and call forwarding, and providing access to more budget-friendly call rates. For businesses, though, virtual numbers have become a crucial branding tool. First impressions are important More…

03 number

Rule of 03: what are 03 phone numbers and how do they work?

19th October 2019

Until 2007, 03 numbers didn’t exist. Back then, a company wanting specialist call routing facilities enabling it to receive calls at various locations and times but through the same, single number would have needed to implement an 08 number – hence why 03 numbers were later introduced… Though we offer 08 numbers, we also recognise More…

0333 numbers

Understanding 0333 Numbers

17th October 2019

Along with inbound call handling, VoIP and various other cloud-based features, we offer 0333 numbers which have become popular, particularly among large organisations. People have become very attentive when it comes to the types of numbers they call because of the financial impact they can have. Some numbers are simply more expensive to call than More…

new business phone number

Just started a business? How to decide on its phone number

12th October 2019

Getting all of the different aspects of a business, from its initial funding and accounts to its office space, staff and marketing, into place can undoubtedly feel hectic – to the extent that the question of your phone number rather gets brushed under the carpet. To start with, just having any phone number ready and More…

virtual phone numbers

Virtual Phone Number: Myths and Misconceptions

8th October 2019

Communication technology has come a long way. The reach of VoIP is rapidly expanding and more companies are relying on phone answering services than ever before. But you still have some opposition. Virtual phone numbers, for instance, still encounter resistance in many companies even though pricing comparison tools will tell you that they are one More…

How you can set up a second phone number on the same phone

5th October 2019

If you’ve recently set up a new business, you’ve probably also decided that you should separate your personal life from your work life by choosing and keeping different phone numbers for each. However, the technical aspects of how you can do that might seem a little bewildering. Truthfully, there are various options open to you More…

telecoms during adverse weather

How Can Planet Numbers Help Your Business in an Emergency?

1st October 2019

If you thought that England’s weather woes were over, the weekend proved otherwise. Flood warnings continued to saturate the airwaves, putting Wales on high alert. People in Wrexham were told to expect heavy rain on Monday afternoon. Public transport remained frozen in many parts of the country. Naturally, the flooding also disabled businesses. But none More…

call answering service

How can you reduce caller queuing times?

26th September 2019

We have probably said this a hundred times before and we shall say it again. No one likes to wait. We offer the call queue feature because we know that it serves an important purpose. Call queues are supposed to help you control unexpected spikes in the volume of incoming calls. They are Band-Aids in More…

call queuing

How To Use Call Queuing Without Upsetting Your Callers?

17th September 2019

Call Queues are supposed to provide an effective means of juggling multiple callers in situations where your company lacks the manpower to engage every customer. They are supposed to be one of the more tangible benefits of VoIP technology. But it is also easy to see why some customers might take offense with this feature. More…

Call Queuing. Good for business?

11th September 2019

Most businesses thrive during holidays like Easter and Christmas. There is quite a bit of money to be made by the savvy business owner. However, many administrators dread the holiday period because the volume of calls tends to skyrocket. Small businesses do not have the capacity to hire all the personnel they need to field More…

call recording service

What You Need to Know About Call Recording in the UK

4th September 2019

You probably know that we offer call recording services. And you have probably wondered whether they would ever benefit your company. But you could also be one of several people who do not truly understand call recording, not in the truest sense. If that is the case, then this is going to be very educational More…

call answering service

Why You Can Trust a Call Answering Service with Angry Customers

28th August 2019

We have argued on more than one occasion that everybody needs a call answering service because it eliminates missed calls. And that argument normally appeals to small and medium-sized business owners because they understand the importance of engaging customers over the phone. But what if missed calls are not an issue for you? What if More…