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buy a virtual phone number for your business

Buy the Right Virtual Number for your Business

18th February 2020

Aspiring entrepreneurs treat their business phone numbers like any other number. But this is a mistake. A business number is not just another phone number. It is part of your brand, one of the most important components because it will appear on all your promotional materials. A business number is also the primary means through More…

call answering service

Characteristics of a Good Call Answering Service

10th February 2020

Call answering services are lifesavers. They help keep larger businesses afloat by contending with the massive volume of calls they attract whilst also enabling smaller companies to present a professional facade. But finding a decent call answering service like ours is easier said than done. Most service providers go out of their way to make More…

working at home with voip

Why You Should Get a Toll Free Number for Business

5th February 2020

Have you been wondering if it would be a good idea to get a UK toll-free number for business? It seems like a lot of other businesses are doing it these days. They say there are several ways it could help your bottom line. In 2015, the telecoms regulatory body Ofcom passed a law mandating More…

call recording software

Why Phone Call Recording Will Protect Your Business

30th January 2020

Record a Phone Call: Why Phone Call Recording Will Protect Your Business Almost 70% of companies record phone calls for quality assurance, but did you know that that data can be used for so much more? By recording phone calls, businesses can have a direct line to their customers’ opinions and problems. It is a gold More…

call queue

3 Ways an Automated Call Queue Sets You Apart From Your Competition

25th January 2020

Every business knows that one of the most important aspects of company success is your interaction with clientele, and the number one way to interact with them is through calling services. That being the case, you should be placing more effort into making sure your call centre is up and running at its very best. More…

call routing

What Is Call Routing and Why It’s Vital for Your Company

20th January 2020

The Complete Guide: What Is Call Routing and Why It’s Vital for Your Company We’re pretty sure Alexander Graham Bell was proud of the telephone when he patented it in 1876. It’s less likely that he could have even guessed how important – and versatile – his invention would become over a century later. Businesses More…

call handling

Call Handling Service: Learn What Call Handling Is and How It Can Benefit Your Business

10th January 2020

Your current business is doing exceptionally well lately. You’re beginning to generate more leads, and you’re in a very good position to start growing and building upon your company. That being said, it’s time that you knew what to do next. One of the best ways that you can upgrade your company is by adding More…

What is SIP

What Is Sip Trunking? Plus 5 Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss!

2nd January 2020

You’ve certainly seen the name “SIP trunk” floating around online recently. It’s everywhere, and you might have a slight idea of what it is, but the fact is that it’s difficult to know what SIP trunking is just from the name. So, what is SIP trunking and what can it do for your business? We’re More…

sip trunks

How Many SIP Trunks Does My Company Need?

6th December 2019

Never heard of the Erlang formula? Not sure what SIP trunking even means? No problem–you can still figure out how many SIP trunks your business needs. Calculating SIP trunk needs is a little more complicated than just figuring out how many calls you have coming in and how many users you have at a given time. More…

call handling

3 Important Call Handling Services Your Business Needs

29th November 2019

According to a recent survey, one-third of respondents claimed that the most frustrating part of dealing with call centres is the automated call system. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to deal with a machine when you need someone to answer your questions. Thanks to Call Handling services, gone are the days where you lose customers because More…

memorable telephone numbers

Creating a Call Answering Service Script

28th November 2019

Our telephone answering services are a lifeline for many businesses. You can always count on our call agents to engage your customers calmly and professionally. But the quality of our services relies on the scripts you place in our hands. Call answering services are supposed to represent the companies that contract them. A customer is More…

0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers Explained

24th November 2019

Chances are you’re more familiar with 0800 numbers than you might think. It’s one of the most frequently used phone number prefixes in the UK, with tens of millions of lines using it. Whenever you hear one of those advert jingles where they sing out the phone number at the end, chances are it’s an More…