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business phone numbers

4 of The Best Places to Market Your Business Phone Number

30th July 2019

You won’t find that many people attending workshops and conferences with the intention of handing out business cards. And if they do, do not expect them to gain much traction. So much of the marketing game has migrated to the internet. Some of the people who seek us out understand this quite clearly. Unfortunately, the More…

business phone numbers

What are the good ways to promote a business phone number?

25th July 2019

When you start off locally, your customers are likely to be pleased to see their own, established area code at the beginning of all your communications and calls to action. It’s the familiarity that establishes trust; a local business, dedicated to the people who matter most – the local population. However, when you expand, or More…

Voip phone systems

How VoIP Phone Systems Can Cut Your Business Costs

23rd July 2019

VoIP technology allows you to send audio information over the internet. The concept has a lot of complex nuts and bolts but the gist of it is that you are using the internet to communicate. VoIP technology has come such a long way. Initially, it wasn’t so different from a traditional phone system. Today, so More…

office phone system

What are the best office phone systems for a small business?

20th July 2019

It’s entirely possible that a small business could be run reasonably efficiently from a single smartphone permanently loaded with unlimited data, texts and phone calls. You may have tried running a business this way this yourself, perhaps with both positive and negative results. After all, you can access all of your contacts, email accounts and More…

international phone calls

International Calls – What You Should Know

16th July 2019

People do not always appreciate what we do over here at Planet Numbers. They think that making international phone calls is as simple as it is straightforward. But that isn’t always the case, not if you’re trying to do it all on your own. These are some of the things people fail to realize: 1) More…

Cloud based IVR

Is IVR a good option for small business?

15th July 2019

Even if the term “IVR” didn’t quite ring a bell when you read it in this article’s title, you have probably been greeted with an IVR system on many an occasion when phoning a company. Have you ever rung a number only to hear a recorded voice instructing you on which button to press? Yes, More…

voip system for business

How to reduce your business phone bill with VoIP

10th July 2019

It’s easy to say that one thing is cheaper than another. It’s a classic sales tactic. However, then it turns out there are several different versions of the cheaper product available and ways to upgrade it that enhance its effectiveness, and suddenly it’s actually rather extortionate in comparison. Well, first of all, we are happy More…

business phone service

Are business phone lines necessary anymore?

5th July 2019

It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask. Just walking through any town or city centre during business hours proves that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people nationwide are at work – even when they’re not at work. We’re working from cafes, coffee shops, on buses and trains, from home offices and studies and even More…

number portability

‘Text to Switch’ service now enables you to switch phone providers with a single text message

3rd July 2019

New changes have been made by OFCOM where mobile phone users will now able to switch service providers by sending a single text message – They had introduced this rule with the aim of making it easier for people to switch network provider. In the past, you would have had to ring your existing phone More…

voip phone systems

Why you don’t need a big business to feel the benefits of VoIP phone systems

30th June 2019

If you’re running a small business reliant on a traditional phone system, you could be reticent about the prospect of switching to a VoIP system. Perhaps you have long associated VoIP with major businesses that, you assume, are the only firms with the necessary financial muscle to wield it. However, VoIP technology has ripened to More…

call answering service

Why you don’t always have to be present to take a business call

25th June 2019

Running a business can feel utterly time-draining, to say the least, with many different people competing for your time; it’s far from a side project. Especially despairingly, you might not always be ready to meet up with concerned staff or customers face-to-face. For example, you might be notified of an incoming call on your day More…

free international phone calls

Why an important long distance phone call doesn’t have to cost a penny

20th June 2019

Your business is probably faced with various outgoings for which you are investigating the possibility of wielding the axe… without, of course, sacrificing your corporate productivity. Phone calls can be a particularly heavy burden on your finances, especially if you often make overseas calls. However, if you are clever about how you utilise your calling More…