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Tips for impressing customers even when you are out of the office

14th January 2019

Although it’s tempting to work every hour and sometimes you feel as though you have no choice, it’s just not possible. Still, there are several tips to follow so that you can still impress customers even when you are out of the office. Keep your promises Just because you are not in the office, your More…

Could this be the end for landlines?

9th January 2019

Could this be the end for landlines – Time spent using landlines in Britain has halved compared to six years ago. Recent Ofcom data has shown that the time spent using landlines in Britain has halved compared to six years ago, while the demand for mobile phone data has increased tenfold. The stats from Ofcom’s More…

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The pros and cons of working with international clients

8th January 2019

Depending on when you first went into business, the probability of dealing directly with an international client base has changed in the last 10 years. It’s now easier than ever to keep an open line of communication with clients from all over the world, but we’ve weighed up some of the both positive and negative More…

New Year, New Business

4th January 2019

If you’ve always had the ambition to start up a new business but didn’t know when, there’s no better time to start than in the New Year. In 2015, more than 600,000 new businesses were set up in the UK.  The previous year’s figure was 500,000. Every year increasingly more people are setting out on More…

VOIP for Business

How VOIP can transform your business

2nd January 2019

There aren’t many ways you can significantly cut the costs of running your business, both quickly and easily, but Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of them. By replacing a conventional PSTN or ISDN telephone line – and ditching a traditional telephone company – with a VoIP network, you can save time and money More…

SIP Trunks for business

5 SIP trunking myths busted

24th December 2018

More and more firms are choosing SIP trunks as the essential solution for their business communications. Subsequently, there are still a number of myths occasionally appearing, and gathering pace, among the plethora of positive reasons why businesses switch to and continue to use SIP trunks in their operations. Here are the most prominent myths, busted, More…

Cheap international calls

5 things to consider before selling internationally

19th December 2018

Conducting business internationally has become an essential and very practical strategy for many businesses. That strategy is no longer limited to large organisations, either – small businesses and SMEs are always taking advantage of the possibilities offered by overseas clients and customers. If you’re already thinking of joining them, here are five things you should More…

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Merry Christmas from Planet Numbers

18th December 2018

So it’s just around the corner! Christmas day, arguably the most wonderful time of the year. Where presents are given, copious amounts of food is indulged and where families get to spend quality time together. It all sounds perfect. What if I were to tell you that the Planet Numbers elves have been hard at More…

SIP Trunking

An introduction to SIP Trunking

17th December 2018

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, so we could say that this blog is also your initiation into SIP Trunking. An increasingly popular option for businesses, SIP Trunking is a modern alternative to traditional PSTN landline calls, with calls instead channelled through an internet connection. It’s designed not only to replace an older technology but also More…

voip for business

5 benefits of VoIP for a small business

14th December 2018

One of the toughest aspects of running a small business is, as you know, balancing the management of your current workload while looking to take on more work and possibly expand further. With the potential to reduce your outgoings and help you to run your small business at a higher level of productivity, Voice over More…

memorable telephone numbers

The many benefits of using a memorable telephone number for your business

11th December 2018

The use of telephone numbers within a business is often extremely overlooked; your telephone number is usually the main point of contact for businesses – not just in the UK but all across the world. One way in which you can leverage the effectiveness of your telephone system is by including a highly memorable telephone More…

Ofcom announces cap on rip-off 118 directory enquiry call charges 

30th November 2018

The 118 directory enquiry service can be a very useful tool when trying to obtain certain phone numbers.  However it’s become increasingly easy to be put off using them as some providers have been found charging up to a jaw-dropping £20 for a 90 second call! If you’ve been put off using a directory service More…