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0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers Explained

24th November 2019

Chances are you’re more familiar with 0800 numbers than you might think. It’s one of the most frequently used phone number prefixes in the UK, with tens of millions of lines using it. Whenever you hear one of those advert jingles where they sing out the phone number at the end, chances are it’s an More…

call recording benefits

The Many Benefits of Call Recording for a Business

19th November 2019

Some people are hesitant to utilise our call recording feature. They cannot help but question the ethical and legal considerations of such a feature. Believe it or not, the call recording feature is used widely throughout the UK. The government permits every business to record conversations with their customers over the phone so long as More…

0345 numbers

0333, 0330, and 0345 Numbers Explained

16th November 2019

We’re all aware of free 0800 numbers, but many of us aren’t so aware that other 08 numbers, such as 0870 numbers, cost a premium to call. In 2007, Ofcom launched 03 numbers, in an effort to make things clearer for consumers. These include 0300, 0330, 0333, and 0345 numbers. Many of us are still unaware of More…

international phone calls

What Are International Toll Free Numbers?

12th November 2019

Research shows that the presence of toll-free numbers is good for business. This makes sense. The easiest way to compel clients to reach out to you is to inform them that they don’t have to pay for their calls. As a business, 0800 numbers are the only rational choice. But that only applies to customers More…

0845 numbers

Everything You Need to Know About 0845 Numbers

5th November 2019

0845 numbers have fallen out of favour among UK consumers. This is a fairly recent development, and it is understandable when you consider some of the limitations associated with the 0845 prefix. That being said, it would be a mistake to presume that 0845 numbers have completely faded from the market. Plenty of companies still More…

UK telephone number call costs guide

4th November 2019

A snapshot guide to typical UK telephone call costs. Table of call costs by prefix Call charges for numbers starting 01, 02, 03, 05, 07 and the Access Charge for numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118 are set entirely by the caller’s landline or mobile provider. Where a range of charges is shown for a More…

What is numerology, and how could it influence your choice of phone number?

3rd November 2019

Have you noticed that, since taking up a particular phone number for your business, the customers and deals your company has landed seem to have increased? Maybe it’s just because the new number is easier for people to recall, leading them to more often use it. That phone number’s unexpected success may even have sprung More…

Local VS Freephone Numbers

29th October 2019

Virtual phone numbers are obviously the way to go for every savvy UK business. But what sort of virtual number does your business need? Virtual phone numbers tend to vary drastically from one another. Certain categories are simply more beneficial than others, especially when it comes to budgetary considerations. Many small businesses struggle in this More…

03 phone numbers

The best things in life are 03: the difference a free-to-call number can make

26th October 2019

Naturally, as a business owner, you want to keep unearthing new ways of saving money here and there and so keeping your operations financially trim, so to say. However, stripping your company to the bone in this respect could wreak havoc on its efficiency – as in the case of phone numbers. Unfortunately, as a More…

virtual phone numbers

Types of Virtual Numbers

23rd October 2019

Virtual phone numbers are cheap. However, their affordability is beside the point. People are buying them these days because they are so convenient, streamlining communication, availing features like IVR and call forwarding, and providing access to more budget-friendly call rates. For businesses, though, virtual numbers have become a crucial branding tool. First impressions are important More…

03 number

Rule of 03: what are 03 phone numbers and how do they work?

19th October 2019

Until 2007, 03 numbers didn’t exist. Back then, a company wanting specialist call routing facilities enabling it to receive calls at various locations and times but through the same, single number would have needed to implement an 08 number – hence why 03 numbers were later introduced… Though we offer 08 numbers, we also recognise More…

0333 numbers

Understanding 0333 Numbers

17th October 2019

Along with inbound call handling, VoIP and various other cloud-based features, we offer 0333 numbers which have become popular, particularly among large organisations. People have become very attentive when it comes to the types of numbers they call because of the financial impact they can have. Some numbers are simply more expensive to call than More…