Pakistan suspends mobile services until midnight tonight amidst terror fears

23rd November 2012

The Pakistani Federal Government has today suspended mobile phone services in major cities until at least midnight on Friday night in an attempt to prevent terror attacks during the holy month of Muharram, which has already seen a deadly terror attack carried out yesterday.

This will of course limit our service to Pakistan mobiles for the remainder of today, with the service likely to be non-existent in many areas.

Mobile and wireless phone services are now temporarily blocked in Karachi, Quetta and in parts of the capital Islamabad with more areas possibly following suit later today.

A statement from the country’s biggest mobile phone service provider Mobilink reads:

“We have shut our service in Karachi and Quetta on the instructions of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority from 1:00 pm (0800 GMT) to midnight”.


We expect our services to Pakistan to return to normal tomorrow and will provide an update if this situation changes.