Paying by Mobile Phone to finally take off in 2013?

2nd January 2013

First things first – a happy new year to you all from Planet Numbers!

Vittorio Colao, the boss of troubled telecoms service provider Vodafone, has predicted that this year will be the year that the UK public finally embrace using their mobile phones as a mainstream method of paying for products and services.

Whilst this method has taken off in other parts of the developed world such as the US and developing countries such as India, the UK is lagging behind. Colao argues that this is down to the excessive bureaucracy of the European Union, saying it helped delay the joint venture between Vodafone, o2 and EE to roll out mobile payment transfers at the same time as the US last summer before it was hit by delays from red-tape and “competition concerns”.

Having finally gained EU approval for the scheme in September 2012, it is planned that the products of the joint venture will be released towards the end of 2013.

Colao said of the issues surrounding the venture:

“In Europe everything takes too long because we have organisations and bureaucratic controls that are excessive. Now we have the authorisations we will do our best but getting the permissions takes longer in Europe. Everything takes longer. It’s a general problem of Europe. Even within each country, there is too much bureaucracy.”

Of course at Planet Numbers we have already embraced making payments via your mobile phone for our service. All it takes is one text of the word PLANET to 68888 from a UK mobile phone and £5 calling credit is yours to use with our cheap international calling service.

There are no delays or lengthy drawn out processes with us, and no automatic re-subscription either. Simply dial the 0161 328 2820 access number, then enter your PIN and away you go!