Phone Box Makeover

6th October 2014

The classic red public phone box, instantly recognizable, it has become synonymous with British identity over the years. However over the last two decades times have changed. These phone boxes are now ignored, a byproduct of the accelerated growth of the personal mobile phone. As such the red phone box is gradually being phased out, often left to vandals and decay.

This may be about to change thanks to an innovation from two geography students from the London School of Economics. Harold Craston and Kirsty Kenny, have re purposed six telephone boxes as solar powered charging stations for mobile phones. The new boxes are now green and feature roof mounted solar panels. As it stands the boxes are currently able to offer a 20% battery recharge in 10 minutes.

To keep the boxes free, they contain a screen designed to show adverts for the duration of the charge time. Firms like Tinder and Uber have already signed up to the project. The advertising screen has been reinforced to prevent vandalism.

Subsequently the pair has won various awards for their inspired entrepreneurship. Five further boxes will be unveiled and active come April 2015.