How to Save on Phone Calls from UK?

27th October 2008

Cheaper Calls

In today’s harsh financial state many people are struggling to cope with the rapidly increasing cost of living with some people even opting to move abroad to ease the strain. Is there any way to soften the blow that this recession has thrown at us? At this pocket shrinking time, we need all the pennies we can get.

Follow these few easy steps and you will be on your way to making the cheapest international calls to your friends or loved ones abroad for as little as 1p per minute.

Step One: Which country do you wish to call?

Whether you’re calling to Poland, China or to India you need to find the country dialling code and keep it safe, you’ll need it soon.

Step Two: Are you calling a landline or mobile?

Two things will determine the cost of your call. Firstly, the country you are dialing and secondly, if you’re calling from a mobile phone or landline. On most occasions, there will be two access numbers, one for mobiles and one for landline. Ensure you have found the right access number before starting to save yourself time and money.

Step Three: Dial the access number.

After discovering which access numbers are relevant to where you wish to call. You need to dial that number and wait for a voice to tell you to ‘enter the number you wish to dial.’ Do so with the international dialing code, i.e. Germany 0049 and follow with the access number for Germany 0843 715 7777. It costs 1p/min. Your calls to Germany from your mobile could cost you from just 1p/min.

You’ll save yourself lots of money and catch up with your friends and family.