Phone users in Bournemouth may have to use area codes

15th February 2011

The world of telecommunications is constantly changing. In 1995, we experienced PhoneDay, where a major shakeup of how we made telephone calls took place. Bournemouth, for example, who’s local area code was 0202, found that they needed to add a 1 at the beginning, making it 01202.

Now, Ofcom are looking to introduce another phone change. With the blessing of Bournemouth Council, it seems increasingly likely that Bournemouth and Poole residents will need to dial the full telephone number, including the area code, whenever they make a local code.

At the moment, if you lived in Bournemouth and you were to dial our Planet Numbers direct line, you’d simply dial 317388 from your landline. It would be as simple as that. If Ofcom’s plans come into place, you would be required to put 01202 before the telephone number, like you already do from your mobile.

Ofcom’s reasoning behind this is to open up more telephone numbers for allocation. At the moment, no-one’s telephone number starts with 0 or 1. This is to avoid confusion with area codes and operators. However, with the proposed plans, it’s likely that we will soon see a telephone number like 01202 012345 – which is very memorable indeed.

What are your thoughts on the proposed plans? Does it bother you? Or are you already in the habit of entering the dialing code, due to the requirement when dialing from a mobile? I’d love to hear your thoughts.