Planet Newsletter Feb 2015

16th February 2015

Please make a note of our new address. (And some new prices on international calls, too.)

Firstly, I’d like to thank all our clients for making Planet Numbers such a big success over the last few years.

It’s fantastic to know that the non-geographic numbers we provide (and all the add-on customer service stuff we offer to go with them) have really caught the imagination of British businesses large and small.

And that our super-cheap International Call Saver service has saved literally millions of you millions of pounds!

With success comes responsibility, of course, and that’s why we’re moving offices: so we can continue to operate a team that can serve all our customers old and new in the superb manner to which you’ve been accustomed.

Here’s our new address:

Planet Numbers
Suite 3
1st Floor
Richmond House
Richmond Hill

Naturally, all our phone numbers and internet contact points remain absolutely identical so give us a call to say HI! in our new home.

And talking of calling to say HI! We’ve managed to ram down a few more per minute costs to some new international destinations this week. (Well done to my team, to manage this despite all the disruptions of the impending move!)

Guadeloupe Mobile Down to 2.5p per minute from your landline
Guyana Down to 15.3p
Guyana Mobile Down to 18.4p
Kazakhstan Down to 1.5p
Liechtenstein Mobile Down to 18.4
Lithuania Mobile Down to 1.5p
Malaysia Mobile Down to 1p
Tanzania Down to 18.4p
Tanzania Mobile Down to 18.4p
Uganda Down to 13.3p

You can access Planet Numbers’ Cheap International Calls service from your landline or your mobile. It works in slightly different ways for each…

From a landline you dial a special Planet Numbers access number before your usual international number. From your mobile, you need to buy some calling credit first – simply by sending us a text.

You can find the full HOW TO info, and all the very latest per minute price savings RIGHT HERE

Meanwhile, if you’re in the Bournemouth area, do pop in for a cup of tea!