Planet Numbers – Award Winning!

29th October 2009

We’ve had some fantastic news.

After being nominated for the Industry Awards, we’ve recently discovered that we won BOTH the awards we were nominated for!Planet Numbers Awards

The Award for Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Customer Service:

“The clarity and ease of use of the Planet Numbers website enhances the whole customer experience. The company’s ranges of communications solutions are impressive too, they are clearly explained and positioned with impressive customer support available throughout the buying process.”

The Award for Best Business Award for Best Customer Focus:

“ Many organisations claim to deliver great customer service but delivering on promises is easier said than done. Planet Numbers have put the customer at the heart of their business and consistently strive to exceed expectations in terms of service and product. This award reflects Planet Numbers’ positive focus on meeting their customers’ needs.”

On receiving the awards, Alex Deutsch, the Office Administrator said ‘These awards prove what Planet Numbers strive to do; offering impeccable customer service at all possible times. By receiving these, we are delighted to see that our hard work and efforts have paid off. There’s no way we could have had such superb customer service without superb customers, so we’d like to thank those who have made trading an absolute pleasure.’